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To blog or not to blog…” that’s always been a question for me. “Do I have something people really want to hear, consider, use in their current writing and storytelling endeavors?” I decided I do!

The Ear

The Ear is a place to push away from the desk, tune in and tune out the world, unplug an electronically tethered child, put in the earphones at a coffee house, and just take a few short moments to listen to the simplicity of a story.

Ralph Twigger Stories

THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO GARY BAYER—A true Ralph Twigger and dear friend. “Keep him simple, keep him honest.” 

1993… The Birth of a 70-Something-Year-Old Hero Named ‘Ralph Twigger’

Re-Story Theater

Re-Story Theater team is currently on a hiatus. Melea is writing and producing many of her works into reader’s theater for public and private performance use. Her play “The Green Velvet Christmas Dress” is now available for performance.

“The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.” — Harold Goddard

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Oct 16, 2017


  I was in line at a Barnes and Noble Bookstore the other day and there was a rack of beautiful and elaborate gift-quality bookmarks near the cash registers. I marveled at how bookmarks have changed. Remember how bookmarks were once a common item in our lives? Bookmarks are strips of leather, cardboard, or other material used to mark one’s place in a book. As a kid, I remember the local public library gave you a paper bookmark when you checked out your books. I would take the greatest...

Mar 12, 2017

Tune Into the Beauty

I believe it has to do with the reality that I am purposefully trying to see things differently, and forging judgement. Be they my January 2017 rose-colored glasses, or my purposeful non-particular viewpoint, I am choosing to call out beauty when I see it. I like the word BEAUTIFUL. Pleasing the mind or senses aesthetically. The word has become my catch-all for many things. I use the word a lot. I am certain I overuse this adjective. Scattering it about like it’s a noun. So many things are beautiful....

Feb 20, 2017

Mentoring Through Story

People often ask me when I began storytelling. It all started at a small Christian college (Pacific Christian College, now Hope International University) while I was serving as an assistant dean. Whenever I was with students, I reached for a story. I found out that a story was a great way to get inside their story, to teach them, and to lift them up with encouragement. If the teaching material and the story connected to one another, this was a bonus! In fact, it created pictures that helped them...