Comments on Melea’s Work


“Everybody has a story. The trick is to find out how our story fits into God’s story. This is the single most important thing we can do in our Christian journey. Melea Brock, with the poignancy and reality of her “right-side-up” stories, helps me to do just that.”

-John Wells, Worship Arts Pastor

“The first time I heard Melea tell a story I was so deeply moved that I made a silent vow to introduce her and her stories to as many people as I could. As you read this, my confidence is that you’re just one story away from making a similar vow…enjoy!”

-Pastor Jim Girdlestone, Centre Pointe Church, Santa Clarita, CA

-Pastor Jack Hayford



“I’ve heard Melea tell many stories in various settings… she is a superb author and storyteller… Melea’s stories speak to the enjoyment of a child and the depth of an adult. I can’t wait until her next Storynight concert to learn more about the latest of one of my favorite characters, Ralph Twigger”….

-Jim Eagleson, School Psychologist

“My family has attended and brought many others to Melea Brock’s concerts, purchased CD’s and books to share deep spiritual truths with clients and directees, given stories as gifts to seminaries and church libraries. I have invited Melea to be a keynote presenter at our schools, Church and State Department of Mental Health conferences and workshops. Everyone in each setting has received her with the same warmth and awe as she speaks to the deep and universal truths of the human heart.”

-Vicky Eagleson, Spiritual Director and Licensed Therapist


“As a teacher, I have enjoyed sharing Melea’s books and stories with my students. Her soothing, steady speech and diverse range of character voices are both entertaining and engaging. Her stories provide an excellent opportunity to delve into the deeper meaning and dynamics of a good story.”

-Jill Spate, Middle School Teacher: Language/Grammar/Theatrical Arts


“Melea Brock is definitely the most gifted storyteller I’ve ever known. Melea has an incredible talent to captivate children, engaging them in an imaginative process where her stories come to life. Her school assemblies are loved by children, teachers, and adults alike. She makes people excited to hear stories, which ignites the love of reading that we want to instill in our children. Who said storytelling was a lost art form?”

-Jennifer S. Fang, School Principal, Arcadia, CA

“Melea is very perceptive in her observations of everyday life. She has a way of communicating practical and provocative truths to Christians of all ages through her stories.”

-Ed Long, Ph.D., Professor of Family Studies, Central Michigan University


“I’m a nurse, a mother, and a friend who loves a good story. That’s why I can highly recommend Melea’s stories. Not only have we listened to her stories as a family, time and again, but we have given her stories as gifts to friends and patients alike. They are like giving a cup of hope, a ray of sunshine, and a good laugh all in one package!”

-Renee Herman, Kansas City, MO

“Melea has this way of taking words and weaving God-honoring principles and moral values into timeless stories. She has a special gift of using her voice to create images and sounds that make her stories seen almost magical!”

– Jeanne Wurm, 11 year homeschooling Mom of three teens!


Audience Comments

This was great! I really do feel like I visited someone’s home tonight. I feel like I’m being hugged when I listen to Melea tell stories.

Your performance touched my children and me in such a deep and warm way. You should have seen the captivated faces of every adult in the audience. It was as if the years melted away and we all became as little children.

The messages in your stories tonight, Melea, were a balm to my discouraged heart. It felt good to laugh.

Words are inadequate to express how much your stories touched my life. It was an oasis in the desert of life for me.

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