Did You Miss The Dress?

Melea is done with the writing portion of the story of “The Green Velvet Christmas Dress”. There are plans underway for the publishing of the book and the play with a projected release date of Fall 2018.


The play version (with its abbreviated storytelling) was well received with sell-out crowds in 2011 and 2012. It’s unique interactive tea-time with the actors, complete with red velvet cupcakes made it a very special holiday event. The play will be performed, once again, at The First Presbyterian Church in Newhall, Santa Clarita, CA in December of 2018.


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The Green Velvet Christmas Dress

Did You Miss The Dress?

It really focused my Christmas…set the tone.

I don’t like go to Christmas shows, but this was not a ‘Christmas show,’ it was a moving experience.

It made me wonder about the legacy I am leaving behind for others.

I totally dropped the pressures of the season and stepped into this show’s story.


If you missed Melea’s original holiday theater and tea experience called, “The Green Velvet Christmas Dress” (2011, 2012) you missed more than a play. It was a success on all the performance and professional levels that count—a nice set, great acting by the Re-Story Theater Players, original music, a delicious tea-time, and a comfortable theater setting. However, the real success of The Green Velvet Christmas Dress lies in the audience’s involvement in a story that traversed 130 years of living, landing them in their present day, asking them to ponder the question: “What will remain of your story—your legacy—when you are no longer here?”  And it didn’t end there.  The audience then shared red velvet cupcakes and tea and further storytelling with the play’s characters.

“When we have theatrical experience where we get inside the story such as we did tonight, “director and author, Melea, explains, “We are using that beautiful gift of child-like imagination where all things are possible, where truth can be revealed without the adult critic in us dashing it to the ground.  This play did that for its audience.”

Because of its success and audience interest, Melea has agreed to release her play for public use. The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is available for production by other churches and groups starting 2014. Information on the play package can be secured through calling Melea Brock at 800-369-9230.

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