Re-Story Theater Troupe Auditions

Auditions for the 2014-15 Re-Story Theater troupe will take place at Melea’s studio on Saturday, August 30th and Saturday, September 6th  at 10:00 a.m.

Re-Story Theater is a troupe of theatrically trained and multi-gifted individuals pursuing the purpose of telling the stories that matter–stories that move the heart of God and the hearts of men, women and children through drama!


The troupe’s plan for 2014-15 will involve the creation of a 6-8 membered teen-aged team of players, skilled in improv and acting. The troupe will be supplemented with seasoned young adult and adult actors for Improv Shows. As the director and producer, I look forward to the possibility of an original theater piece, as well.  We will see what this new fresh year of Re-Story Theater holds…

Re-Story Theater is based out of the Los Angeles, CA area.


Click here for information on how to become part of the Re-Story Theater Troupe. 


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