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I am a storyteller and an author of the stories that matter. For more than 20 years these stories—my own, folktales, fairytales and true life stories—have taken me across the United States and into Canada, from the formal venues of churches, schools and conference settings to humble ones like family tables, backyard BBQ’s and sides of hospital beds.

I love what happens when you and I sit back and rest in the power of a story.

My hope is that you will spend some time on my site and gather the information you were hoping to find here… perhaps, purchase a book or audio product. And more than this, I hope you stick around and listen. Push away from that desk, lean back in that chair, plug in those ear phones and listen to my blog (you can read it, too), one or more of the stories we’ve posted, or a radio show archived from our Story Matters show.

When you register your name and email with me, we’ll be able to stay in contact and I’ll let you know about anything new with Right-Side-Up Stories, small and large!

May the story you live out today change someone… I know it can


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