Shakespeare & The American H.S. Drama Student

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” –William Shakespeare


Remember way back in August when I shared of how I would be teaching a H.S. theater class, once again?  Every Friday, I teach a group of 15 H.S. students. It’s been a good year, so far! And a very stretching one for all of us. For me, it has been the reusing of old muscles and building back strength.  And for most of my students it has been the building of new muscles.

They’re a wonderfully creative group of teens.  Some are timid and shy, some are bold and outspoken, some are in between those two extremes, but all of them are willing to risk self to step into character and story.  They are my favorite blend for a class. They are all growing in their knowledge of theater and they are growing as individuals.  And I am doing my best to stay just a bit ahead of them!

Sometimes, I just want say, “FREEEZE!” and stop the class so I can capture the moment. Facial expression is one of my favorite ways that the actor communicates on the stage. Some of my treasured facial expressions, from a teacher’s POV, have been the surprise of discovery, the “I did it!” and my personal favorite—“I have a better one in me, Mrs. B.”

In April they will take their skills to the stage and we will do a play within a play kind of show.  The show is entitled, “Shakespeare & The American H.S. Drama Student”.  Dear Shakespeare is mentioned in several of our comedy sketches, some of his best monologues are shared along with other great theatrical works such as Shaw, Twain, Wilder, Hugo, Miller, Williams and a few poets and storytellers thrown in for good measure.  We are hoping Shakespeare will show up (wink-wink)!

The information is listed here on my website and tickets for the two nights are available in my store.  The ticket price (very low) includes a delicious coffee and dessert too (Click Here for Tickets).

High School students are worth our investment of time as they give away from themselves in sports, speech and debate, music, art, and theater.  It’s always nice to walk across the street, so to speak, and support another school’s efforts in the arts.

Come join my students (and me) on April 11th  or 12th  (Buy Tickets Now).

God bless the Story you’re living out today!


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