My girls snuggled up for the first Ralph Twigger story and their eyes lit up, and at the end they said, “Is there another one? Can we have more? Yes?” YES!! They are age 4, 6 and 8 so it was brilliant to have a tale that scaled all the ages.

The Smart Family



Dear Melea Brock,

As I sit in my office alone this Christmas, I heard your story of the Ralph Twigger, Innkeeper from our local radio and was touched so much by that story, well it just brought joy into my heart, for that story is my story and as tears fall upon my cheeks I feel the overwhelming joy of life returning to me.

I thank you for your story – you have given me a light of hope that I to can be whole again.

Blessed are you with the God-given talent to touch so many.

God has given me a present and it is your story of Ralph Twigger, Innkeeper.

I will now sit with my children and tell them your story so they will know my heart story.

Your now devoted follower,

Larry (Heard on a radio show Melea created, Christmas Wrapped In Story, which featured this story)


Ralph Twigger inspires one to look beyond outward appearances and focus on the heart of the matter no matter your age!

Jennifer Rose Booth, Kinder Teacher 11 years, elementary 16 years


Ralph Twigger is everyone’s favorite, warm-hearted and transparent grandad!

Victoria Eagleson, Family Therapist


Ralph Twigger’s stories help to bring light the fact that everyone has hard times. The stories have shown us that it’s hard to see from someone else’s perspective until we give to them. Both parties end up with more empathy, understanding and joy. Plus, Twigger is down-right funny!

The Myers Family


Our kids couldn’t wait for the next Ralph Twigger story to begin. They didn’t want them to end. Our son felt a connection with the two boys. I cried when Ralph gave his heart to Jesus. I have to pull over and wait till I had stopped crying. We need more Ralph Twigger stories.

Scott Wasson, Children’s Pastor at Awaken Church, father of Chloe, Corbin and Luci


There are often times I see glimpses of Ralph throughout my day. An elderly man dressed in his best, a woman walking down the street carrying flowers, a child gleefully giggling at puppy. I see ‘Ralph Prints’ in people’s joy, acts of kindness, and service, and in that I feel like the world seems a bit more brighter.

Today, I am longing for a quaint park bench under a shade tree and wishing I could go sit next to Ralph Twigger and listen to his wisdom. Oh the deep talks, laughs, and stories we could share. I think often to myself ‘What would Ralph do?’

Jen Crawford



Don’t let Ralph fool you! He may be old, he may even be a bit hard of hearing, but he’s a strong man with much to give! I know I always have a dear friend in him. With the right blend of grace and spunk, he’s able to transcend all ages and befriend even the hardest of characters. We all need a few more Ralph’s in this world.

My husband, Glenn, was so honored to be one of the men representing Ralph Twigger at a Ralph Twigger Storynight concert. I remember how he wore one of his plaid shirts to the program because Ralph wore one on the cover of the CD. Men like Ralph inspire others to live better lives.

Shirley Renwick, Glenn is with the Lord, whom he served and loved


Ralph Twigger is a real person. I know you all think of him as a fictional character that was created in the brilliant mind of Melea Brock. But from the time I first met him in the pages of that first story, I saw him as real. He was portrayed as sort of a grumpy loner, but we knew almost immediately that he had a beautiful, loving, tender side when he remembered his dear Rachel. Then the boys, Josh and Jeremy, entered his life and my heart melted. He had the boys help him with a clock repair, he gave them a “light but nutritious snack,” and then fell in love with them. That sealed his “realness” for me. I love Ralph. One of my favorite stories is when he helped a troubled teenager named Todd find his true self. Or wait, when he met his childhood and “dub-ya dub-ya two” (WW2) friend, Horace. That relationship was incredibly special. Or wait… never mind. I can’t state a favorite. Ralph is warm and genuine. Ralph is a friend. Ralph has love almost too big for any heart. Ralph Twigger is real.

Perry Moore, composer and accompanist for all Ralph Twigger stories!


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