The Green Velvet Christmas Dress


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What if our life’s legacy was narrowed down to a piece of cloth with a few embroidered lines left behind for others to find? What would you read about my story, and what would I read about yours?

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is the story of a handmade dress that passes through the lives and hands of more than six different women, each living her story generations from one another. Woven into this storytelling is the appealing hope of Christmas that welcomes all of us to anticipate, reflect, and remember.

Step inside and find your place in the story of The Green Velvet Christmas Dress.

This book has been in the making for a long time… since 2011 when Melea wrote her original play by the same title, which had a successful two-year run and prompted the writing of the entire story.

Here’s what people are already saying about The Green Velvet Christmas Dress—

Once again, our favorite storyteller, Melea Brock, has woven a tapestry of hope in her new story, The Green Velvet Christmas DressUsing her talents and mastery of words, she weaves a history of heartache, sorrow, and loss with goodness, gratitude, and truth. Like a garden of green where time begins, she tenderly draws the reader into the story and onto a journey of the lives of generations of women who are touched by grace along the way and will never be the same. The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is yet another Melea Brock story our family will treasure and read aloud for many generations to come.

Dennis Jernigan, a worship leader, song receiver, and author; Melinda Jernigan, an artisan jewelry designer;and their eldest daughter Annē J. Kay, a wife and busy mother of four children who are now enjoying the stories from her favorite “story lady”!


Melea beautifully captures the timeless destiny of a green velvet dress predestined to bring hope and emotional healing to those for whom it is refashioned and gifted. I was encouraged to explore the unique ways in which God uses everyday circumstances to intertwine the lives of people for His ultimate purpose.

Varetta Heidelberg Founder, Instruments of Praise, Inc., Pasadena, CA


Life is difficult: it always has been and will always be. Sometimes we come across a shining light of hope in the midst of the difficulty. Melea has woven hope and healing throughout The Green Velvet Christmas Dress. While reading the story I was reminded of the hope that has welled up in my darkest moments and about the times that joy did, indeed, rise out of the ashes and chaos of sorrow and struggle. Melea’s heart is all over this very personal story, giving the reader a chance to get to know the beautiful person she is.

Perry Moore, composer, pastor of worship arts Eastside Church, Rochester, N.Y.


With tenderness, Melea brings this beautiful story of the journey of a piece of fabric material. The threads of heartbreak, grief, waiting, and hope are all woven into a masterpiece of timeless truth. To think that God has placed something of value into the hearts and hands of each of us to help carry His truth to others is a gift we must accept just as Emma did the green velvet.

Robbie Crawford, member of The Barn Bible Study Gals, Caruthers, CA

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