Ralph Twigger Trivia Quiz



Ralph favorite pick-me-up snack is?


His wife’s name is…?


How many years was Ralph married?


Ralph’s best friend’s name is…?


The names of the family members that moves next door to Ralph?


Where did Debra get the cuckoo clock that Ralph repairs?


Ralph’s youth group missionary trip brought him to what place in the U.S.?


The name of the teen with the “attitude that never quit” is…?


Ralph’s favorite hot beverage?


Where does Ralph usually go out to eat?


What is the owner’s name of this eating establishment?


The head usher at Ralph’s Church name is?


Ralph’s Pastor’s name is…?


The Youth Pastor’s name at this church?


What does Ralph do to make ends meet (his work/job)?


Ralph’s age in story #1?


Name of the dog rescued by Ralph and the boys?


An Italian dish Ralph enjoys?


Debra’s husband’s name is…?


What does Ralph’s wife inscribe inside his pocket watch?


Did Ralph serve in a war? Military branch?


Debra’s mother’s name?


The bully at Lincoln Elementary School?


What is the playground game that is taken away by Lincoln Elementary’s principal?


Are there ghosts in any of Ralph’s stories?


Ralph’s best friend’s name from childhood?


What does Ralph do on Saturday mornings with the boys?


The name of the 37-year-old man that Ralph trains in matters of the heart (dating)?


The Librarian’s name at the public library?


What is her puppet’s name?


What is Ralph’s favorite pie?


Does Ralph ever join the choir at church?


Ralph feels every should feel important, needed and _________?


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