Re-Story Theater 2014-15 & Your Art-filled Summer

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“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.”

-from a poem by Alan Alda


My H.S. Drama One class has ended and in a great way—a melodrama by Craig Sodaro, “Wait ‘Til The Sun Shines Nellie”!

It’s been fun to see timid, apprehensive, quiet students blossom into confident and capable actors and servant-artists.  And for those that possessed drama skills already, there was a refining of them that may have even surprised them. We are all different after this year of Drama One.


Next year, I am bringing my troupe—Re-Story Theater—back to life.  And I have decided it will be a H.S. troupe, supplemented with young adult and sage and crafted actors.  Could there be a better partnering—teens and crafted actors? I am convinced H.S. people need a place to rise above what we think they can do.  At the H.S. level there’s an offering of classes, a musical, the night of one-acts, or a dramatic play, but where do we send H.S. people to train and grow as actors… actors that want to give a sacred message away?

I think there is a need for a Re-Story Theater troupe of high school aged actors.

My desire is to have a team trained in improvisational theater which will perform shows with their partnering seasoned actors on a regular basis.  As skill and time allows, we will work sketches into these shows. Who knows, we may supplement the shows with other skills and talents such as music, dance, art.  We will see what God brings to our team of actors…

My other hope for this team is that we will produce a Christmas play, to be performed in December of 2014.  I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but when was the last time you watched a production where teens were the main storytellers?  Right.  I couldn’t either.

If you are an interested teen or you are the parent or friend of a potentially interested teen (and living in the L.A. area), go to my website page where there are details and full description of Re-Story Theater  – Let’s talk!  Feel free to send me an email or give me a call, too. My contact info is on that page.

Homeschool parents are often looking for a Drama elective for H.S. credit.  There is a strong possibility that we, together, could make this work for your son or daughter.

The rest of us will wait, with anticipation, for news about Re-Story Theater!  You will be the first to know about it…

Make it an Art-full Summer!

I hope the summer that has begun will be bathed in stories.  Make a habit of visiting the public library on a regular basis. Look for their summer reading program for children. And libraries have air-conditioning! Why not see a play or a musical, visit a museum, or an art gallery …how about taking an art class, a pottery class … go to the local art store (Walmart or Target) and buy some supplies  for your summer art enrichment program!  And let’s tell lots of stories this summer—around the BBQ, campfire, in the car on a long trip, or while visiting with relatives. You’re a great storyteller and who else will tell the stories if you don’t?

May the story you live out today change someone… I know it can.


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