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Jesus almost never talked in terms of explaining. He was always using enigmatic
stories and difficult metaphors. He was always pulling people into some kind of participation.
~Eugene Peterson~


l be reviving my Re-Story Theater troupe soon (I took a year off to teach H.S. theater).  My mainstay of actors will be H.S. students, supplemented with young adult and seasoned adult actors coming in to work-out and perform side-by-side with them in shows, and play an occasional role if we take on a play in our future together. Does that sound fun, or what?!

The troupe’s main theatrical focus will be spoken word and storytelling. Very theatrical spoken word and storytelling. My hope is to do something for the Christmas Season. Other artistic expressions that we would add in would depend upon the gifts, talents and desires of the troupe’s members.

Rehearsals will run weekly or on an every other week basis depending upon the troupe’s skills and schedules. On an performance day, the troupe would rehearse during the day—teen and adult members—for the purpose of sharpening our repetoire, creating a camaraderie and community as a troupe which makes for great shows, and the work of readying players for the evening’s show. A show may look effortless from an audience point-of-view , but that has everything to do with thework of a great team of actors and spoken-word artists.

My studio in Sierra Madre will provide a comfortable and practical work-out and rehearsal space and possibly a first-performance venue.

Parents are welcome to join the ending of rehearsals for our devotions and our parting details of information. I have found parents to be an integral part of the success of production work in my performance work with teens.

Pre-requisites for Troupe Membership:

  1. A follower of Christ.
  2. A servant-artist heart.
  3. Theater background. A “Yes, and…” spirit being most important.
  4. Age 14 (freshman in H.S) to 19 years—mainstay of troupe players.
  5. A completed application with a reference.
  6. Written consent/permission, for all those 18 and under in age, to be a part of the troupe.

* Young Adult and Adult-aged players will be hand-selected by the director, Melea Brock.

Requirements of Troupe Members:

  1. Attend all rehearsals. Come on time and prepared to work.
  2. There will be small troupe fee paid by the members. Troupe t-shirts, props, costumes, advertising, copying, etc. add up quickly when the troupe begins its year.  The troupe works from a zero budget base with help from Right-Side-Up Stories.
  3. A commitment of one year to the troupe—which includes rehearsals, performances, ministry time—is required of all members.
  4. A genuine love for theater, spoken word, and using this gifts to bring Hope. You can be a beginner at this… just be earnest in your desire to learn and grow.
  5. A desire and genuine willingness to be a team player, in every way.

Please feel the freedom to email me with questions and interest in this future troupe.  I welcome them! My RSUS line is 626-836-3532 and my email is


If you are not on my email list, please join today.  More information concerning Re-Story Theater’s audition dates, its beginning and future improv shows are generated through my ministry’s email list. Click here to sign up.


Thanks for your interest… I am asking God for 5-8 young men and women whose hearts and minds are ready for a life-changing theatrical experience like none other they’ve ever had before. I promise you this—it will be one of the very best things you accomplish in your high school career**.  Click here to download application.





*If you are a Young Adult or Seasoned Adult Actor (spoken word is something you love) interested in being a part of Re-Story Theater, please let’s share a phone call soon.  Contact info listed above.


**Home School parents—this troupe may provide a theater arts elective credit. We can work together on this.

Also, high school students need extra-curricular participation for college and university applications. A year’s commitment to a theater group would be a stand-out on a high school resume.

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