September Newsletter

Dear Friends of Right-Side-Up Stories,

Wow, what an amazing place I have been in for several months now—book printing preparations, tons of editing, marketing details, and much more! There’s a lot of work and details to the making of a book. And that’s what we are doing. We are making The Green Velvet Christmas Dress book from, literally, cover to cover.

I am very grateful for a fantastic editor—Marcia Coppess, a sensitive and talented illustrator—Janelle Kujath, a graphic artist with amazing skills—Joshua Petrillo, and a book project manager that is just the best there is—Ann Baldwin. It takes more than an author to make a book!

For anyone thinking, “I am going to write a book someday, too…”  That’s fantastic and I will applaud you all the way. I would encourage you to gather a team to accomplish this goal, and a support system for the journey.

I have included a glimpse of the front of the dust jacket cover. And here is the left side flap of the dust jacket if you are unfamiliar with the play’s story (produced in 2011/12):

What if our life’s legacy was narrowed down to a piece of cloth with a few embroidered lines left behind for others to find? What would you read about my story, and what would I read about yours?

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is the story of a handmade dress that passes through the lives and hands of more than six different women, each living her story generations from one another. Woven into this storytelling is the appealing hope of Christmas that welcomes all of us to anticipate, reflect, and remember.

Step inside and find your place in the story of The Green Velvet Christmas Dress.

If you would like to help with the costs of the actual print and bookmaking, you can visit my GoFundMe page here We are offering a variety of coupons for contributing to the creation of the book. And I will soon be sending information about pre-order and the purchaseThe Green Velvet Christmas Dressbook on my website.

I will be hosting two very special book-signing teas in my home in southern California on November 23rdand December 7th. Please email us if you would like to be on the mailing list for an invitation to this book-signing tea (a copy of the book is included in the ticket price). Advanced tickets are required for these 2 events. We are working on finding a place for our Valley/Santa Clarita Valley Friends, too. Please email:

I have a blog for you! Posted under my blogs, “APPLYING THEATER TERMS TO OUR STORIES, Part Two”. (Read Here) hope you enjoyed Part One. My next blog will discuss The 5 Rules of Improv and how they apply to our everyday living. Improvisation is how we do most of our interaction and dialogue with others every single day.

Also, posted under Re-Story Theater on my website there are several Christmas plays available for your 2019 Christmas season. It’s not too late (yet) to work on a Christmas play for your church or community. You’re right on time with the Fall beginning. Several of the plays are very achievable with beginning actors wanting to jump into developing their Reader’s Theater skills. There are several that can show-case more skillful actors, too. There is age variation in several of them, too. That’s always a good draw for your audience—age variation—which allows them the opportunity to identify personally with the message and the messengers (actors). Check them out at Write me at if you would like to discuss one of the plays or receive a perusal copy.

As always, God bless the story you’re living out today… I know it can change someone.


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