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Story matters… It’s that simple. Your story, my story, and ones we tell in community matter. And when we hear a meaningful story a door opens in some part of who we are.

Story Matters’ first foray into radio started in 2010 on Blog Talk Radio through the web radio show Red River Writers Live. It was a fun show, but there were a couple of very important elements missing—a live audience, live storytelling, live music! At Right-Side-Up Stories we thrive on live and our audience and performance design was limited.

Not anymore!

Every two months we host a live audience for Story Matters. The first half is story and music centered one pivotal story and thematic and the second half of the show is spent in conversation with an incredible pastor. With a pastor totally unplugged from the church office and staff, agenda, cell phone, and pulpit prep…. some great things can happen for us and the pastor. Shepherding! Shepherding through story…

The first time I heard Melea tell a story I was so deeply moved that I made a silent vow to introduce her and her stories to as many people as I could. As you read this, my confidence is that you’re…just one story away from making a similar promise …enjoy!”
-Pastor Jim Girdlestone

If you live or plan to visit the Southern California area, you can join our audience. Just be sure you’re registered with Right-Side-Up Stories for upcoming show info.


Story Matters Radio

Show 1

“The Still Small Voice and the Funny-Shaped Cardboard Box”

When was the last time someone told you a good story?  Author and storyteller, Melea J. Brock, and her composer, Perry Moore, present her original tale entitled, “Mary Alice Bennett’s Box.” The story’s subject matter and a discussion on where is God in our unanswered questions… where is God in our story… is sensitively led by guest pastor, Dr. James Girdlestone  The show is recorded before a live audience.

Listen Here  (It can take up to 1 minute to load)


Story Matters RadioShow 2

“The Land of Stinky Feet… Serving God in a Rude and Jaded Culture”

“Ten toes, toes arches two soles a day… come follow me down to the river and I’ll show you how to wash feet!”

Author and storyteller, Melea J. Brock, and her composer, Perry Moore, weave the original allegorical tale of “The Land of Stinky Feet” against the context of a modern-day audience’s desire to wash feet.  Pastor Robin Smith takes listeners on an authentic journey of discussion concerning serving others, just as Jesus did, within our contemporary culture. The show is recorded before a live audience.

Listen Here (It can take up to 1 minute to load)

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