Workshops Shape Vision and Bring Hope

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In a culture that can’t seem to find its common narrative, we found one as we risked embarrassment, misunderstanding and fear as we shared our own personal stories that day


My January Storyday—“The Power of Storytelling and Spoken Word”—was powerful and meaningful for its participants, including its speaker-teacher.

Every age was represented, from teenager to senior. We gathered up from central California to San Diego, and added Kansas and South Africa in for contrast and depth.  It was seven plus hours of teaching, partnering, discussions, coffee, lunch, coffee, media, and some writing and gathering onto paper what began to come forward like butterflies needing a net.

I, once again, witnessed the way workshops shape and shift the participants. Workshops affirm and clarify goals and direction. They create a synergism—a community of like minds and hearts come together.  Workshops bring hope and future to the doorstep of our lives.  The knock is so loud, you can’t help but let it all in.  And what a bunch of stuff it leaves on the living room floor!

However, you do find a way to sort it out later. Several participants from the Storyday have shared of their sorting.  I am in awe of their steps to use the teachings, promptings and encouragement. All credit goes to them.

I have participated in many writing and storytelling workshops.  Some felt like big fat commercials for the speaker-teacher.  And then there were those that I took to heart and I went home and applied them to work and ministry. They are so familiar to me, still. I can remember the room, where I was sitting, and these moments where personal stories and application brought the teaching up close and personal. The knock on my door was loud, very.

One of the decisions I made at my January Storyday was this—I will do more Storydays and I will do them more regularly.

I have two that have come to mind: “Developing the Artist Within” and “The Creative Process of Writing—Finding and Keeping the Tools Sharp”And I am thinking early May. Send me some feedback on these please.  I’d love to know your thoughts.

More to come on this.

Until then, may the story you live out today change someone. I know it can…


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